Crisis or Stewardship

April 22, 2020

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The better way is to develop a stewardship/generosity culture…


I was recently talking with a good friend about approaches to funding ministry. Some have a “crisis approach”—going from need to need. But, we agreed that the better way is to develop a stewardship/generosity culture instead. You could say that a scarcity mentality versus one of abundance is related to these approaches.

Scarcity or crisis puts up our guard over available resources, it involves fear and worry, and it can negatively affect our behavior and decisions. An attitude of abundance and generosity believes that God has enough resources and we need to trust Him for His provision. God is generous, and He promises to meet all our needs, to guide us into His will, and that His purpose will prevail.

In any circumstance we face, I believe the above to be true. At this point in my personal life, as I get close to the end of my retirement accumulation phase and ready for the distribution phase, I have to trust that God will provide, and that He continues to want me to be generous and trust Him. Admittedly, sometimes it is difficult.

I want to encourage you today, whether in your personal life or your ministry, to trust, live generously as His steward, and go on to influence a lifestyle and culture of generosity where you are.

Orchard Alliance is here to walk with you and to provide tools and resources for the journey.

Please let me know if you have comments at [email protected]. They are always welcome.

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