You have budgeted for your monthly loan payments and are making them as planned, but what if your church could use future planned gifts to reduce these payments today?

If your loan is with Orchard Alliance, you can! As the stewardship and generosity ministry of The Alliance, Orchard Alliance offers a unique opportunity for churches to encourage their supporters to give through planned future gifts while also helping reduce monthly loan payments!

How It Works


Your church supporters can take advantage of Orchard Alliance’s gift and estate design services. They’ll meet with one of our gift planning experts to create a biblically based plan for their family’s future.


If they choose an irrevocable gift as part of their plan – like a Charitable Gift Annuity or a Charitable Remainder Trust – they will receive an immediate tax deduction and collect income for the rest of their life. When they pass away, the remaining funds will go to the ministry they designate.



If they designate your church and you have a loan with Orchard Alliance, we can factor in that future gift and adjust your current monthly loan payments accordingly.


Many generous donors designate gifts to their churches through their estates.

Most will never witness the effect since the gift happens upon their passing. Creating an irrevocable gift through Orchard Alliance allows the donor to experience the impact of their generosity today and for many years to come.

The obvious benefit for the church is reduced loan payments, leading to increased ministry resources. If your church has an Orchard Alliance loan, contact us to see how this opportunity can impact you!

Interested in lowering your payment?

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