Will your church or ministry be included in the greatest wealth transfer in modern history?

August 4, 2021 |Lawrence L. McCooey

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I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal that said, “the greatest wealth transfer in modern history has begun.” A statement like that certainly makes you take notice. The article explained that older generations will hand down $70 trillion between 2018 and 2042—with $61 trillion expected to go to heirs and $9 trillion expected to go to charities. And, people aren’t waiting until they die to give their wealth to heirs and ministry. Now is the time to make sure your church or ministry is included in this huge transfer of wealth.


One of the best ways to do this is to share your vision with your supporters. Make sure they have a clear picture of where your ministry is headed and how they can contribute to its success. Many people want to be a part of your ministry and are willing to give but they just aren’t properly informed or simply aren’t asked to do so.

Once you’ve shared your vision, provide a variety of ways for your supporters to give. Many giving options are beneficial to both the donor and to your church or ministry. Typically, only 10 percent of a person’s wealth is sitting in their checking or savings account. The other 90 percent is held in non-cash assets like stocks, real estate, or retirement accounts. Giving your supporters the option to give from these accounts can make a significant difference. Not only can your church or ministry receive larger gifts, but the giver can enjoy significant tax benefits.

Receiving non-cash gifts may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Orchard Alliance has been serving the planned giving needs of Alliance churches and like-minded ministries for more than 60 years. We provide all the tools and resources your organization needs to start receiving non-cash gifts today. Orchard Alliance can help educate your supporters on all their giving options through a customized microsite accessed on your existing website. Your supporters can also meet with one of our gift and estate design consultants—at no cost or obligation—to craft a biblically based estate plan that maximizes their gifts to their family, church, or favorite ministries, minimizes taxes, and meets their stewardship goals.

With the right tools and resources, you can help your supporters do immeasurably more with what the Lord has entrusted to them. Imagine the impact $9 trillion could have for the Kingdom! The need for planned giving options for both current and deferred gifts is upon us and will continue for decades to come. Orchard Alliance is here to equip you with everything you need to harness these gifts for God’s glory.

Contact us today to get started at 888.672.4255 or [email protected].

We look forward to serving you.

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