Thoughts on General Council 2021

June 15, 2021 |Lawrence L. McCooey

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I recently returned from attending my 25th General Council. It was another wonderful experience, joining so many members of our Alliance family for rich interactions, great messages and worship, thought provoking challenges, and powerful inspiration.


The theme of this year’s Council was “Sacred,” which was very evident throughout the week—as was the sense that we were indeed being “set aside by God for a specific work.” Since Orchard Alliance exists to serve the church, I was particularly struck when Alliance President John Stumbo said, “The church is sacred because it is His.” It stirred my gratitude for all of you, whom we are privileged to know and serve. Thank you for your partnership in sacred things.

I was thankful for the opportunities Orchard Alliance had to share with the assembly about our ministry and how we’ve seen the Lord at work—through our investors, charitable giving customers, and borrowers. Because of God’s grace, we announced that for the third consecutive year an interest rebate totaling $750,000 is being given to all Alliance churches and ministries with an Orchard Alliance loan. We are grateful for the ability to provide these rebates and are looking forward to hearing how they will be used for God’s glory.

As President Stumbo enters his final four-year term, I want to encourage us all to pray for him and the great things he will be leading the Alliance family through in these days of challenge and opportunity.

Orchard Alliance is here to walk with you and provide tools and resources for the journey.

Please let me know if you have comments at [email protected]. They are always welcome.

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