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August 3, 2018 |David Graf

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I recently saw an innovative solution to parking lots that you may want to consider for your church. It sounds a bit strange, and it won’t work in all climates, but in the right scenario, this can be a wonderful solution. The product is very strong plastic netting that gets rolled out on the ground and is secured in place with spikes. It is designed to have grass grow up throughout it and the plastic serves to protect the ground and provide a hard surface to allow tires to get traction.

The benefits are significant:

  1. About 25-30 percent of the cost of an asphalt parking lot (in the church where I saw this, First Alliance in Lexington, Kentucky, the cost was about $30,000 for 55 parking spots)
  2. It can be quickly installed with volunteer labor
  3. Other than staking out some outside boundaries, perhaps with railroad ties, etc., the plastic disappears, visually, thus allowing for the appearance of a lawn
  4. Whereas most parking lots create the need for water retention ponds, this requires no retention whatsoever since there are no impervious surfaces created
  5. It is a “green” parking solution
  6. Building departments love it because of the elimination of water retention and the aesthetic benefits

The greatest disadvantage is that you would not be able to plow snow off of this since the snow plow could pull up the plastic. With First Alliance Church this product was used just in one of several parking areas and, because the church knows that fewer people attend when snow is on the ground, plowing is not a consideration for them.

Feel free to contact First Alliance Church if you wish to learn more about this innovative solution.

David Graf
Vice President for Lending

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