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May 18, 2022 |Lawrence L. McCooey

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Over the past 24 years serving as president of Orchard Alliance, I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of Alliance churches, districts and associations, colleges, retirement centers, camps, and even some overseas projects. I am grateful to the Lord for those ministries and the opportunities to serve them.

Every project has a story, but I will just settle on a recent one that has roots going back more than two decades.

Pastor Ron Morrison


Hope Alliance Bible Church in Maple Heights, Ohio

In 1995, Pastor Ron Morrison planted Hope Alliance Bible Church in Maple Heights, Ohio, where he still serves as the senior pastor. Pastor Ron and his wife, Anita, have taught and served in various ways through their church’s ministries, created many initiatives, and spoken around the world. Pastor Ron also spent 16 years serving in several roles, including vice-chair and chair, on the Board of Directors of The Alliance. He is heavily involved in coaching and mentoring younger men for pastoral ministry. Pastor Ron is a humble man of God, a great leader, and a joy to have as a friend.

In 1997, Hope Alliance needed a loan to buy its first church building. Because the church was not yet organized, Orchard Alliance took the unique step of making a loan to the Central District on the church’s behalf. In 2000, the church applied for and received a second loan to purchase a house next door to its main building. In the years that followed, both loans were paid in full. Then in 2017, Orchard Alliance provided another loan for a Phase 1 renovation project.

As part of the Alliance family, we are on mission together to support the God-given visions for Alliance churches and ministries.

Over the past 25 years, our team at Orchard Alliance has been in regular communication with Pastor Ron. He would often stop by when he was in Colorado Springs for board meetings to tell us how things were going at the church and share what he was dreaming about.

Recently, I had the great pleasure of seeing Hope Alliance’s Phase 1 renovation, which included several very nice upgrades to the building, and the demolition of the house they purchased to make way for a new parking lot. They are very happy with the new facility and their strategic updates have helped their ministry continue to flourish.

Demolition work

The new parking lot

Pastor Ron has a new vision for the future, including plans to mentor and develop a new generation of leaders. Planning for Phase 2 construction is underway, and Orchard Alliance hopes to continue to partner with Hope Alliance in their next chapter.

Beyond financing, Orchard Alliance has assisted the church with their planned giving efforts as well by providing a Planned Giving Microsite (PGM) on their website. The PGM educates Hope Alliance supporters about all the ways they can give beyond the offering plate through non-cash gifts. Orchard Alliance has been processing non-cash gifts for Alliance churches and ministries for more than 60 years, and we’ve seen what a blessing they have been—to both the giver and the ministry.

A recent baby dedication at Hope Alliance

Orchard Alliance has been honored to walk alongside Hope Alliance Bible Church all these years, and we look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for them. As part of the Alliance family, we are on mission together to support the God-given visions for Alliance churches and ministries.

Thank you for investing in Orchard Alliance and helping hundreds of churches like Hope Alliance buy, build, renovate, and expand their strategic facilities over many decades!


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