A Heart for the Nations Finds Them – in Atlanta

October 9, 2019

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How many cultures live within one mile of your home or office? How many of those cultures represent unreached people groups? For Pete Brokopp and the Envision Atlanta team, the answer is over 180 cultures and more than 90 unreached people groups.


Clarkston, Georgia, is the most diverse square mile in the United States—and is home to more than 18,000 refugees. Drawn by the opportunity to work the night shift at nearby plants—where 20 percent of the world’s poultry is processed—many refugee families choose Clarkston as the first stop in their new American life.

The Brokopp Family

The Brokopp Family
Education Is The Key

Even though many immigrants find employment at the poultry plants, they still struggle to provide for their families. Envision Atlanta (EA) recognized this and decided to expand their ministry—offering many educational services to those living in the area apartment complexes. Since joining EA in 2016, Pete Brokopp has personally witnessed the impact the program can make. “Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty,” says Pete. The team provides ESL classes, trauma counseling, and faith-based instruction—and hopes to keep expanding these programs. They also have a mobile thrift store where families can shop in a place they feel safe. While much work still needs to be accomplished, EA has already planted 14 churches and plans to launch six more by the end of 2020. They have also seen more than 300 people come to Christ.

Reaching Refugees For Jesus

The EA team also strives to make the refugees feel welcome and at home. Many of the immigrants are from Somalia, where camel milk is a major dietary staple. But a pint of this milk retails for about 20 dollars, which isn’t affordable for most refugees. To help meet this need, EA is purchasing camels and will soon be able to sell the milk to the refugees at a much lower cost.

Orchard Alliance is honored to support EA’s efforts to serve Clarkston by providing funding to acquire property and a new building to better serve this community. The expansion will enable EA to reach even more refugees and make disciples for Jesus. Pete and his team are passionate about their work and are confident in the Lord’s direction.

“Before I moved here, I prayed for clear direction and vision of the Lord’s plan for this group,” Pete says. “He revealed that this is where my family and I belong and He will move in mighty ways through the work we do here. I’m excited to see how our ministry will continue to grow and expand when we open the Welcome Center.”

For more information, including opportunities to serve, visit www.envisionatlanta.org.

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