August 25, 2022 |Lawrence L. McCooey

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As I wind down my last month in office as president of Orchard Alliance, I can’t help but be struck by the series of “lasts.” My last board meeting, my last Investment Committee meeting, my last Town Hall with the team, and now my last blog.

As I’m processing this growing list of “lasts,” there are so many thoughts and emotions I wish I could express, but the main one is gratitude. Gratitude for all of my Orchard Alliance teammates and board. Gratitude for our churches, investors, donors, pastors, international workers, national and district leaders, and lay people I have had the pleasure of knowing.

I look back with amazement at the diversity of the people and the work. I’m in awe of the creativity God expresses through His people, the vision He has imparted to so many, and the faith-filled approaches to ministry. I thank you all for your faithfulness, and I am grateful to our Lord.

Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 16:9 about “a great door of effective work” that was open to him and the “many who oppose” him have been strongly on my mind. There are great doors open to our Alliance family and work, and to Orchard Alliance, as we serve as a supporting ministry. And we know there is opposition, and always will be, when effective Kingdom work is being accomplished. But as an old preacher once said, “the doors are not only for opportunity and opposition, but also obligation.” I believe we in The Alliance sense all of these, and we will continue to go forward wherever and however the Lord leads.

Although I am leaving Orchard Alliance, I am not leaving the Alliance that I love. And I will always be praying for and supporting this movement as God gives me the opportunity.

Thank you for the privilege and honor of serving with you. I look forward to seeing how God will use you and Orchard Alliance to do immeasurably more for the Kingdom in years to come.

Larry McCooey
Orchard Alliance

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