Are You Ready?

April 19, 2022 |Lawrence L. McCooey

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As you near the retirement years, it’s important to complete your estate plan to ensure your loved ones will be protected and provided for when you are gone. If you do not have a will or trust in place, the team here at Orchard Alliance would love to help you prepare a plan from a biblical perspective. It is an important stewardship responsibility.

But what about those of us in leadership? If God has placed you in a position of authority in your service to Him, have you done all you can do to make sure your ministry or organization is ready for the day when you are no longer there? This is also a significant stewardship responsibility.

In my case, I won’t have direct responsibility for choosing a successor as I prepare to retire as president of Orchard Alliance later this year. But I am responsible for dealing with as many organizational issues as possible to help my successor, and Orchard Alliance, be successful in the future. Matters to address include finances, systems, staff, and stakeholder relations, among others. God has blessed Orchard Alliance tremendously in all these areas, and we are trusting Him to provide healthy transitions so our ministry work will continue to be effective for His glory.

Whether you’re retiring from a leadership position or another role, I encourage you to consider your stewardship not only of your personal affairs but your ministry responsibilities as well. May God give you all you need to finish well as His child.

Remember, Orchard Alliance is here to walk with you and provide the tools and resources you need to finish well in the areas of Kingdom investments and charitable giving. It is an honor to serve you along your journey.



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