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About orchard AlLiance


About Us


Orchard Alliance is a non-profit ministry organization with nearly $400 million in assets, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Orchard Alliance was formed in 2018 as a result of bringing together two long-standing, like-minded ministries – The Orchard Foundation (Orchard) and The Alliance Development Fund, Inc. (ADF). Prior to 2018, the two ministries worked in partnership for more than 40 years under The Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination – with Orchard serving as The Alliance’s planned giving provider and ADF serving as the official securities program and lending arm.

Today, these two ministries are Serving the Kingdom Together as Orchard Alliance, a robust financial stewardship ministry that provides churches, individuals, families, and other like-minded organizations with a wide range of products and services. With a mission to equip God’s stewards for greater Kingdom impact, the organization helps Christians develop the best plan of stewardship when making cash or non-cash gifts to their church or other ministries and facilitates these gifts using tools like charitable gift annuities, donor advised funds, trusts, endowments, and much more. Orchard Alliance also provides church financing, church project advisement, savings, and investment products.


Mission & Vision


Our mission is to equip God’s stewards for greater Kingdom impact.

Our vision is to see every person and ministry we serve empowered in biblical stewardship, accomplishing God’s purposes for His glory.


Our Core Values



We seek God first in all we do, knowing that He will hear us, guide us, and direct us (Jeremiah 29:12-13), and we acknowledge our humble, total dependence on Him. We also commit to pray for those whom we serve that God will bless His stewards and use their gifts for His glory.


We will demonstrate a Christ-like, servant attitude toward everyone, because even Jesus did not come to be served but to serve. We are a mission-driven service provider called to support God’s stewards. Whether we are assisting an individual donor, a church, or another ministry, we will passionately provide client-focused service to all.


The work we do and the attitudes we display in His name must demonstrate the highest quality, in a manner that honors Him, because God’s works and name are excellent. We do not believe that God, or our clients, are served well by mediocrity, so we will always strive to achieve the foremost standards of professionalism and expertise possible.


The utmost standards of integrity and ethics will characterize all we do. We recognize that the trust of our customers is among our most valued assets; therefore, we will strive to be worthy of that sacred trust. We will adhere to the truth and serve with uncompromised morality and integrity in obedience to God.


We are committed to Christ, family, and the ministry’s call – in that order – and maintaining a healthy balance of home and work. As a result, we will model lifestyles that are Christ-centered. Giftedness is from God, and we will use it as belonging to Him, for His glory, and to bless those we serve. Orchard Alliance will seek to develop people to their fullest potential as individuals and professionals.