Orchard Alliance is honored to serve the donors of like-minded ministry partners with planned giving tools and guidance on wills and estate planning.

Our ministry partners have selected Orchard Alliance for these services due to our expertise and years of faith-based experience in this area. It is our privilege to help you to accomplish your charitable goals.

Donor Advised Funds (DAF)

One of America’s most popular investment tools for charitable giving, a donor advised fund (DAF) is like your own private foundation but without any of the administrative red tape. A donor advised fund is easy to establish, inexpensive, flexible, and simple to manage with our online DAF platform.

  • Recommend grants to your favorite charities
  • Choose from a variety of investment options
  • Receive an immediate tax deduction
  • Give when you want to give
  • Avoid capital gains on securities, increasing your giving potential
Getting Started

1. Read the following documents to understand the restrictions on donor advised funds from the IRS and Orchard Alliance:

2. Complete the Donor Advised Fund Application and fax it to 719.323.6218 or mail it to Orchard Alliance at:

8595 Explorer Dr., Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Due to privacy and security concerns, please do not email your application.

3. Mail a check for your initial contribution to the address above or call 833.672.4255 for instructions to transfer securities.

For more information or to ask our team your questions, complete the form below or call 833.672.4255.

Endowment Funds (EF)

Are you looking to impact your favorite ministry today and for the long term? Placing your endowment funds with Orchard Alliance will enable you to provide for ministry needs today and into the future.

Let Orchard Alliance, through sound and effective management, help you do immeasurably more with your endowment funds.

  • Get guidance for creating effective spending policies from experts with more than 50 years of asset management experience
  • Choose from competitive fixed-income rates and diverse investment options ranging from conservative to aggressive portfolios
  • Align your investment objectives with biblical values and competitive market returns
  • Trust your donation processing for ongoing contributions and day-to-day asset management to a dedicated team that allows you to focus on and advance your charitable goals
  • Maintain continuity in your asset management
  • Develop investment objectives and strategies in partnership with like-minded believers

For more information, or to get started, complete the form below or call 833.672.4255.

Legacy Advised Funds (LAF)

A Legacy Advised Fund is a charitable instrument funded at your death. It simplifies the distribution of assets held in your retirement accounts and insurance policies to a variety of ministry organizations.

Legacy Advised Funds can be funded using your:

  • Retirement accounts
  • Insurance policies
  • Last will and testament
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Annuities
Get Started
  1. Download a Legacy Advised Fund Application and Agreement.
  2. Complete and sign the application.
  3. Attach copies or original documentation for the assets you will include in the Legacy Advised Fund.
  4. Forward your original signed agreement and attachments to Orchard Alliance.

For more information or to ask our team your questions, complete the form below or call 833.672.4255.

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