Whirlwind of Opportunities


Life is not an endless number of experiences to get it right; life is a limited amount of opportunities to glorify God.” When Mike Dryburgh became senior pastor in 2009, he wanted to make the most of the opportunities given to King of Kings Community Church in Manahawkin, New Jersey. He would tell you the church’s focus is missional, and to him that means getting your hands dirty. He believes there are serious implications if a church claims to be missional, and he has experienced first-hand how God just may give you big opportunities to prove it.

Mike’s heart is to reach people who would never come into a church building. So how does King of Kings do that? By opening their beautiful building to temporarily house the homeless. By operating a food pantry serving hundreds of people every month. By offering free medical care to those living below the poverty level.

And in ways reminiscent of George Muller, God provides exactly what the church needs precisely when they need it. Like the time the elders were prayerfully considering converting the gymnasium into a thrift store. Even before the decision was made, clothing and furniture began appearing on their doorstep. And when they opened their doors to those in need of shelter, they found favor with high-ranking city officials who nudged them toward the necessary permits to keep things legal.

In God’s providence, He was preparing King of King’s for their biggest opportunity yet – Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Situated a mile from the Atlantic, the church was poised to be the primary refuge for the area. And God continued to provide in amazing ways. When hundreds were taking shelter after the storm and the church had no electricity, somehow the city found just enough power for one block – their block. When the hallways filled to the brim with an overabundance of donations – food, water, toiletries, and cleaning supplies – Pastor Mike made the call to use their 6,000 square foot sanctuary for storage. And they filled it. Soon after, individuals called wondering if he might have need of free warehouse space or storage units. And when it seemed the relief work would never end, team after team of volunteers came to consolidate supplies, clean up the property, and minister to those weary from ministry.

Pastor Mike describes missional this way: “The body of Christ is people on a mission to share the message of Jesus by being intentional and relational, meeting physical needs as well as spiritual.” Clearly, God has opened many missional doors for this church, and they have been faithful to walk through, no matter what the cost.

Mike Dryburgh marvels at the relationship with ADF which has lasted a decade. In 2003, ADF provided the loan to build their current facility. Without a doubt, King of Kings has used this partnership to take advantage of those opportunities to glorify God.

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