Growing Disciples in the Valley


Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church (SVA) in Fall City, Washington, is making a difference for the sake of Jesus Christ. Although not the largest church in the valley, it may just be the most impacting. As a means to completing its evangelistic and disciplemaking mission, the church has become a valuable resource to the city. SVA supplies sleeping bags to the homeless living under nearby bridges. It operates a clothing bank in the city administration building. It partners with the Red Cross to be a flood relief center. And with CarePoint Clinic staffed by 20 medical volunteers, SVA cares for those without insurance. Senior Associate Pastor Marty Benedict serves as chaplain for the fire and police departments and the public high school. When there’s a need, the Snoqualmie Valley calls Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church.


Lead Pastor Monty Wright explains SVA’s emphasis: “Being missional is living the Great Commission by making disciples, investing in people, living as salt and light.” Consequently, the church is passionate about evangelism. But mere decision-making is not the goal, disciple-making is. SVA is building a community of disciples. They accomplish this by creating impact ministries to care for people with specific needs. Celebrate Recovery is a weekly program which provides a meal, biblical teaching, and loving support to those struggling with grief and addictions. By addressing the needs of all parts of the family – parents, teens, and children – SVA proves they care.

Once inside the doors of SVA, newcomers are quickly made to feel part of the Alliance family. Pastor Monty introduces them to the familiar Four-Fold Gospel but with a different twist that would make Simpson proud. Wood (representing Jesus as Savior) includes activities and teaching that lead people to Christ. Water (or Sanctifier) opportunities encourage and advance the believer’s walk. Oil events and programs (Jesus as Healer) bring healing and support during life’s trials. And Fire (Coming King) reaches outside the church doors with the good news of Jesus. The church calls itself “element-driven” with these four elements serving as the balance and focus of SVA.

Pastor Monty and Pastor Marty have been making disciples together for 25 years. This particular ministry was birthed almost 15 years ago by Monty who quickly called his friend Marty alongside to put feet to the vision. It opened in 1999, and through a loan from ADF in 2008, they were able to purchase their current property and make extensive renovations to the church building. The valley will never be the same thanks to the hard, Christ-honoring work of those who serve at SVA.

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