Crossroads Bible Church


Los Alamos, New Mexico is notable for the presence of our nation’s atomic research operations. A high concentration of scientists has resulted in significant atheism in this area, making evangelism a long and difficult process, but Crossroads Bible Church is up to the challenge.

“Our vision is to significantly impact our community with the gospel through service, outreach events and personal evangelism,” Pastor Mark Lincoln explains. “I see evidence of an earnest hunger for the Lord and His Word among many people.”

Crossroads Bible Church began as an Alliance congregation in 1965. In 1999, it merged with an independent church and gave two small congregations the critical mass necessary to grow and have an impact within the community. Pastor Mark had served as senior pastor for three years prior to the merger, and has continued in this role ever since. Church leaders believe strong Bible teaching is the foundation of the church’s success, and Pastor Mark is highly regarded for his exegetical preaching style. They explained that people are attracted, not only to the teaching, but also to the mature believers within the church who are earnest and authentic in their relationship with the Lord.

The biggest evangelistic tool that the church has is its wonderful facility. It is the only large assembly building in the county, and the church has welcomed the community to utilize it. Pastor Mark emphasizes that “It’s a strategic way of reaching people locally.” Constantly in demand, the building is instrumental in the church’s favorable and growing reputation. To name only a few events, the church hosts concerts, blood drives, school banquets, fire fighter graduations and public county meetings.


Additional space became a necessity in 2012, so Crossroads moved ahead with the phase-two planned finish of its basement. The church still needed a funding source and soon reached out to the Alliance Development Fund, who had worked with the church during its initial construction. Pastor Mark and other church leaders expressed appreciation and described ADF as “partners in ministry.”

ADF’s ministry is centered on helping churches obtain the buildings they need to better reach, build, equip, multiply, and send people. It is exciting to see a church like Crossroads use its building as a tool to draw people into a place where they will be exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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