A Matter Of Perspective


Sometimes God works outside the box — at least from our perspective. Sometimes He gifts people to join Him in work outside the box. Pastor Brian McMillan is one of those outside-the-box kind of guys, and the story of CenterPoint Church in Massapequa, New York, is an outside-the-box kind of story.

About 15 years ago, after leading a thriving young adult ministry, Brian McMillan felt led to church plant. “I wanted to reach Long Island for Jesus,” he explains. For a year, four young men committed to pray, and the group grew. “We were all single guys. Our oldest elder was 26 years old. My parents built an addition onto their home that became our first sanctuary. We only had a night service for the first four years,” Pastor Brian describes. “We met at the American Legion, then Knights of Columbus. And the first actual building we rented was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.”

What had now become CenterPoint Church began renting an abandoned synagogue, but they came to an impasse when they wanted to purchase the building with its property. They couldn’t find a lender. The Metro District superintendent mentioned ADF, and in 2012 a new partnership began. “What I love about ADF is that it’s so clear this is about expanding the Kingdom of God. It feels like we’re dealing with family,” Pastor Brian shares. CenterPoint raised the down payment and funds for a full remodel. In 2013, they moved into their finished building as a congregation of 600 that now tops 1,200 every week.

It seemed that CenterPoint had always been a portable church, but this resulted in a very missional church mindset, always reaching out to the community around them. Now with a building, they have a real presence on Long Island. In a culture of predominantly Catholic and Jewish residents, CenterPoint is a huge draw because it’s non-traditional. “We are presenting Christ in a way that most people have never heard of,” Pastor Brian says. “When so many are new to the faith and excited, they can’t help but share with everyone. We give them the proper theology, but they don’t need to be taught how to share about Jesus.”

Pastor Brian shares the mission of CenterPoint: “We started with the goal to reach all of Long Island… We never thought we were starting just one church. And God has blessed us with enough resources— money and people—to be able to start up other works.”

CenterPoint planted their first church in 2014, just two miles down the road. In October 2015, they launched their second campus with 482 people the first Sunday. A third campus is planned for 2016.

Humble beginnings in his parents’ home with a handful of single guys — maybe a little outside the box. But it’s Pastor Brian’s attitude about resources that’s more unusual. “I’ve learned that the more I give away, whether people or finances, the more we bless others and the more we’ve been blessed,” he shares. “I believe our church keeps growing because we are never greedy. We hold it with an open hand.” It may seem a little outside the box — but not from God’s perspective.

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