Mission and Vision


Dear Friends of Orchard Alliance,

You may have prepared a purpose or mission statement for yourself, your family, your workplace, or your ministry. It’s an expression of why we are here. For Orchard Alliance, our mission is to equip God’s stewards for greater Kingdom impact. This is a succinct way of describing what we believe to be our God-given, unique role.

Vision is where we are going. It is a “see” word. When we have accomplished our mission, we will see the desired future state that we have discerned as coming from the Lord. Many of you may have also articulated a vision in one way or another. Our vision is to see every person and ministry we serve empowered in biblical stewardship, accomplishing God’s purposes for His glory. We desire to see what Dr. R.C. Sproul calls both the “proximate and remote” purposes of God accomplished through individuals, families, and ministries we serve. The ultimate goal is to glorify God.

One of our colleagues related a story of consulting with a major ministry. When he asked one of the leaders about their vision statement, the leader replied, “Now where did I put that thing?” It obviously wasn’t alive in his heart.

We will strive to see our vision realized and to orient all of our efforts so that the Lord can bring it to fruition. May the same be true for you.

Please share your thoughts by contacting me at presidentscorner@orchardalliance.org. Your feedback is always welcome.

Lawrence L. McCooey, CPA, PFS, CGMA President

Lawrence L. McCooey, CPA, PFS, CGMA

Larry McCooey