The Market Volatility Continues


Dear Fellow Investors and Friends,

Last year about this time, I wrote about the volatility that the financial markets were experiencing. While volatility waxes and wanes as part of financial market cycles, it can be very scary to observe and experience. As that volatility continues, it seems like a good time to reiterate some of what I said back then.

Risk tolerance refers to your ability to endure market volatility. Since all investments entail some level of risk, it is important to be aware of how much volatility you can endure. Your choice of investments should follow suit. As you gauge your tolerance for risk, it is helpful to consider:

  • Your personality (How do you internally handle the volatility you are observing?)

  • Your time horizon (The sooner you may need to use your investment dollars, the lower your risk tolerance.)

  • Your capacity for risk (What you have to fall back on in case of market losses.)

We continue to offer both traditional and Roth IRAs, as well as various products to help you save, such as Investment Certificates and Agreement Accounts. ADF accounts provide stable, convenient savings vehicles for every age and situation, while providing both a financial return and a Kingdom Return on Investment (KROI). So if you are troubled by wild rides in the financial markets and prefer stable returns you can count on for savings and retirement, ADF could be a good fit in your asset allocation. Call or email today and ask to speak with an Investment Services Representative for more information on how we can add predictability to reaching your goals.

By God’s grace, ADF has remained strong over its 38-year history, which included some very challenging market and world events. Please be assured of our unwavering commitment to keeping ADF strong and to safeguarding your investments while accomplishing our mission. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to see God’s Kingdom advanced through your ADF investments. Please share your questions, comments, or prayer requests by contacting me at They are always welcome.

Lawrence L. McCooey, CPA, PFS, CGMA President

Lawrence L. McCooey, CPA, PFS, CGMA

Larry McCooey