The Battle for God's Resources


Dear Fellow Investors and Friends,

A friend of mine gave me a very good little book by Rick Dunham entitled, If God Will Provide, Why Do We Have to Ask for Money? Mr. Dunham covers some good basic ground on the biblical view of money, giving, and asking. These are important topics for those involved in Christian leadership and fundraising, but also for Christians in general. As a local church treasurer and financial ministry leader, these are topics I give particular consideration to.

It was the first sections of the book that really caught my attention though. They addressed the spiritual battle surrounding the funding of Christian ministry. Mr. Dunham describes the epic spiritual struggle for the hearts of men, women, and children, and proposes that a major front in that battle is the funding of God’s work. His two major premises are first that limited ministry resources will mean limited impact, and also that when Christians are not properly engaged to fund God’s Kingdom work, they fail to grow in their wholehearted devotion to God.

To the first premise, he relates a very interesting conversation he had with the former head of the Australian Special Forces. This man explained that battles are not won based on tactics, but rather on destroying the resources of the enemy (one of the tasks of Special Forces). If the enemy doesn’t have the arms, food, and other supplies it needs, it can’t fight and will lose. Mr. Dunham asserts that this is Satan’s strategy for limiting what ministries can do.

There are many more excellent points made in the book, and I believe Mr. Dunham makes solid biblical cases. Obviously, readers would have to make their own judgements. But I do believe that we may not pay enough attention to this overarching spiritual battle dimension to the funding needs of Kingdom works and would encourage us to give greater consideration of this in our own lives and the ministries we care deeply about.

Thank you, as always, for faithfully providing the ministry resources for the churches we serve so they may maximize their impact. Those churches also appreciate your prayerful encouragement to continually pursue Him in fulfilling their vision. You are fighting a good fight in helping finance God’s Kingdom work and as an integral part of the worldwide work of the Alliance.

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Lawrence L. McCooey, CPA, PFS, CGMA President

Lawrence L. McCooey, CPA, PFS, CGMA

Larry McCooey