KROI Investing


Dear Fellow Investors and Friends,

In many of my recent writings, I have referred to the Kingdom Return on Investment (KROI) that you receive on your ADF investments. This is really an essential element of ADF’s ministry and makes ADF unique among investment and savings alternatives. It is your money working for you and the Kingdom.

Our vision is not only to provide you with a great KROI, but for you to sense a deep and abiding satisfaction that stems from undergirding and strengthening the life-changing Alliance ministries you are helping through your investments in ADF. We hope that the stories we share of churches where lives are being transformed, as well as the interactions you have with the ADF team and other stakeholders, help to affirm the impact you are having on advancing the Kingdom.

Many of you have ADF investments that may someday be left to the next generations. We hope that you will consider how you can pass on the legacy of KROI investing so that Alliance ministries will continue to be supported after we are gone. And maybe there are others in your circle of influence who would have a heart for a KROI and be encouraged by knowing that you have chosen to invest this way.

Thank you, as always, for partnering with ADF, the churches we serve, and the worldwide work of the Alliance.

Please share your thoughts and comments by contacting me at They are always welcome.

Lawrence L. McCooey, CPA, PFS, CGMA President

Lawrence L. McCooey, CPA, PFS, CGMA

Larry McCooey