A Visit to Puerto Rico


Dear Fellow Investors and Friends,

I recently had the great pleasure of spending time in Puerto Rico. Rosilio Roman, assistant vice president for Church Ministries of The Alliance, joined me and an ADF colleague there. As some of you might know, ADF has made loans to a large number of churches in Puerto Rico for many years.

The District Superintendent for Puerto Rico, Javier Gomez, and his team hosted us at the district office for several days. We had the privilege of meeting nine pastors and a few of their coworkers at the office, in addition to meeting with a few other pastors at their respective churches. We also met with the Director of the Alliance Theological Seminary, Dr. Julio Aponte.

Spending time with our dear brothers and sisters was an unforgettable experience. We heard many stories of how they came through Hurricane Maria, and we were able to see firsthand some of the destruction and rebuilding that has taken place. They testified to God’s miraculous provision in their time of need and praised Him for their safety and recovery from the difficulties they endured. Hearing from them was both humbling and moving.

One of the consistent stories we heard was of the effect of so many leaving the island for the U.S. mainland. This migration has impacted the churches’ attendance and finances, as well as their ministries. But the churches have still had a tremendous ministry to their local communities, and growth is returning to their congregations.

Something else we heard consistently was deep gratitude for the Alliance family and for the level of help and support the churches have received from CAMA, U.S. districts and churches, and ADF. ADF was able to provide some financial support in the form of gifts and loan payment relief for several months after the hurricane. I want to express my deep thankfulness to our ADF investors, churches, and other stakeholders who made such support possible.

Pastor Javier stated that this hurricane has taught the churches a lot that will prepare them for the future. He has a great deal on his shoulders and has been through many trials, yet he said, “I am expectant.”

Please continue to pray for Javier and our Alliance family in Puerto Rico.

Also, please share your thoughts by contacting me at presidentscorner@orchardalliance.org. Your feedback is always welcome.

Lawrence L. McCooey, CPA, PFS, CGMA President

Lawrence L. McCooey, CPA, PFS, CGMA

Larry McCooey