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Creating A Will

How to create a last will and testament from a biblical perspective?

What Assets Can I Give

What Assets Can I GiveWhat assets am I able to give outside of writing a check?

Charitable Giving Tools

What charitable tools are available to me in different situations?


In Hosea 6 God says to the people of Israel, "For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings."

However, when we start to love God, he changes our hearts and desires to see his mission fulfilled here on Earth. Your generosity to NorthGate will help others hear the good news of Jesus Christ, and make a difference in the communities of Cathedral City and beyond.



Provided Through Orchard Alliance, a trusted partner of NorthGate Community Church


When deciding about a gift to NorthGate Community Church, Planned Giving can help you accomplish your giving goals, increase the impact of your gift, and may reduce taxes. Wise counsel can help you determine the best giving option for today and the future.

For guidance in this area, we work with Orchard Alliance, a planned giving leader and supporting organization of The Alliance that has been serving ministries and individuals for more than 50 years. Since every situation is unique, Orchard Alliance brings the right blend of biblical and professional expertise to develop and implement a plan that achieves your giving goals.

To facilitate your gifts, Orchard Alliance provides a wide range of tools and services to help guide you through the process. Thank you for your heart of generosity toward NorthGate Community Church.


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What Items Are You Interested In?
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How Did You Hear About This?