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A Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) is a great way to make a gift to the ministries you care about while, at the same time, creating a fixed income stream for life. Because of their easy set-up and attractive rates, they continue to be one of our most popular tools for donors. If you are 65 years of age or older, you simply make a gift of $10,000 or more in cash or securities in exchange for a non-revocable gift annuity agreement. The payment rate you receive is based on your age(s) at the time you make the gift. You will receive a tax deduction and part of your payments may be tax-free. When you go to heaven, the amount remaining in your CGA will then be given to the organizations you chose.

The Orchard Alliance and The Christian and Missionary Alliance follow the suggested maximum gift annuity rates published by the American Council on Gift Annuities. These rates are subject to change, however, once your gift annuity is created, the rate is locked in for the remainder of your lifetime(s).


  • Great Rates – based on your age at the time your gift annuity is funded.

  • Income stream for one or two life times

  • Immediate (partial) Tax Deduction and tax free income (possibly) for years

  • Deferred and possibly avoided capital gains tax for gifts of appreciated securities

  • At death, a gift if the residuum to your favorite ministry(s)


There are excellent options for establishing a charitable gift annuity:

  • Single-Life: Pays a fixed amount for the lifetime of one person.

  • Two-Life: Pays a fixed amount for the lifetime of two people.

  • Immediate (single- or two-life): For current income, you may begin receiving a fixed income as early as this year in exchange for your gift.

  • Deferred (single- or two-life): If you desire to begin receiving income at a fixed date in the future, you may establish the gift annuity and take your charitable deduction now; then plan to receive payments beginning at a designated future date. Anyone over the age of 55 is eligible to establish a Deferred CGA. Payments must be deferred until after the annuitant(s) reaches a minimum age of 65.

Get Started

1. Read the appropriate disclosure statement for the state that you are located in:

2. Complete the Charitable Gift Annuity Application and fax it to 719-323-6218 or mail it to Orchard Alliance at: 8595 Explorer Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920. Due to privacy and security concerns, please do not email your application.

3. Mail a check to us for your initial contribution or call toll free 833-672-4255 for instructions to transfer securities. For questions, please fill in the questions form below.

For more information about our CGA program, please fill out the questions form below or give us a call at 833-672-4255.



CGAs are issued by The Orchard Foundation (Orchard) or as agent for The Christian and Missionary Alliance (the C&MA).  Orchard conducts its operations, together with the operations of The Alliance Development Fund, Inc. (a separately incorporated entity of The Orchard Foundation), under the brand name of Orchard Alliance; however, only Orchard or the C&MA, respectively, is responsible for and liable for the CGAs that are issued in their individual names. The Christian and Missionary Alliance issues annuities in the states of NY, NJ and CA.



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