Investing with and for a Purpose


Growing up as an Alliance missionary kid in West Africa, I learned from an early age about Kingdom investing. I watched and participated as my parents and other missionaries gave their time, their resources, their very lives for Kingdom work — and I saw the Kingdom returns. But this kind of work with eternal returns doesn’t only happen overseas.

God gave me a passion to serve seasoned saints in the area of financial planning and retirement. After years of working with The Alliance in the area of finance, I joined the team at the Alliance Development Fund (ADF) in 1991. For more than 20 years now, I’ve had the privilege to partner with members of The Alliance family doing Kingdom work with Kingdom returns.

The mission of ADF is to help Alliance churches build the facilities they need to do ministry well, and you can come alongside them in this effort. How does it work? It’s quite simple really. By investing in ADF, you enable churches to grow by borrowing those funds for building projects. You receive the interest as they repay their loan, and they now have more opportunity for continued ministry. It’s a beautiful partnership of good stewardship. Everyone wins. Not only do you earn the interest from your investment, but you also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your resources were used to advance the Kingdom, building a portfolio with eternal returns.

It’s in this way that you have the opportunity to partner with Alliance churches all over the United States, impacting ministry now and also leaving a legacy for future generations.

I look forward to sharing with you specific ideas and strategies on how we can build the Kingdom and transform lives — together.

Rob Pease