A New Year Has Arrived


Financial professionals typically recommend that you review your retirement savings plan both annually and when major life changes occur. If you didn’t revisit your plan in 2015, this may be an ideal time to do so. This past year saw greater stock market volatility, which may require you to re-examine your risk tolerance. Risk tolerance refers to how well you can ride out fluctuations in the value of your investments.

An assessment of your risk tolerance considers, among other factors, your investment time horizon. After you evaluate your risk tolerance and consider any life changes, you may want to take another look at adjusting your plan for the future. If your goals have changed, will those changes affect how much money you will need to live in the future? These factors can affect your retirement income needs which in turn affect how much you need to save and how you invest today.

As you begin your 2015 tax preparations and re-evaluate your investment selections going forward, I want to make you aware of a special certificate promotion we have available for a limited time only. We are offering three separate terms and rates for new investments. Please consider joining with other ADF partners in this opportunity to provide funding for Alliance church building project needs.

I trust 2016 will truly be a blessed year for you. Thanks for being a part of Building the Kingdom, Transforming Lives, One Investment at a Time.

Rob Pease